Re-opening of British Council Pune IELTS Computer Delivered Centre

IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS stands for Worldwide English Language Testing System, and it is a standardized international exam of English language competence for non-native English speakers. It is co-managed by the British Council and the International Development Programme (IDP). Our IELTS coaching programmes are designed to help students improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities while also preparing them to pass the exam with a target score band.

Our ONLINE preparations package includes a minimum of 20 hours of training and may be scheduled at any time during the day. We are official registration centres for IDP Australia and the British Council, and we can help our students schedule IELTS registrations at any of our facilities in India.

We are number one IELTS coaching Center in Mumbai

Contact us 98 9226 4224 / 730 445 6967

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