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Improving IELTS Band Score in IELTS - Speaking

Improve your speaking fluency in IELTS speaking section !

What is Fluency ? Fluency means the capability to communicate smoothly (rather than fast) and coherently. In most cases, poor fluency is associated with repeated self-correction, hesitation, pausing, or repeating.

To help you improve your speaking fluency, especially if you have a high IELTS speaking score, I'll look at the most common causes of poor fluency and how to improve each of them.

Any attempt to speak too quickly in any language will result in a loss of coherence since your brain cannot keep up with your tongue. When paired with speaking in a second language under IELTS exam conditions, the result is a lack of coherence and a slew of blunders. As a result, you must concentrate on IELTS speaking themes / questions and speak or answer on coherent subjects. Paying close attention to the question and reacting to it

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