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If IELTS results are rechecked, does that mean my score will increase ? 

It may happen that many IELTS students wonder why the exam results are wrong or not what they expected.

Most students believe they performed well on the IELTS exam, but the results didn't meet their expectations. One or two sections, or the entire IELTS exam. That happened to our students at Stanford English Academy too; some of them thought they did pretty well during the IELTS exam, but the results were lower than their expectations. We suggest the student contact the IELTS registration authority and seek help for the purpose of rechecking the paper.

We'd say that some of them have received a positive response, indicating that the authority has revised the mark in favour of a positive outcome, while the scores of others remain unchanged.

How to approach the IELTS authority for rechecking IELTS result ?

On your Test Report Form, you may ask for a remark within six weeks of the IELTS test date. You can ask for feedback on the entire IELTS exam or on one or more sections (Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking). After requesting a remark, your results will be evaluated and made accessible in 2 to 21 days.

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