Don't Memories Answers IELTS Speaking Advice

Updated: Sep 19

The Speaking interview test has 3 sections for both paper-based and computer-based IELTS. You should be better prepared for the Speaking test if you understand what happens in these 3 sections.

You may be worried about taking the IELTS especially in Speaking test, but with the below recommendations from our IELTS Experts, you'll be good on your way to gaining confidence and achieving the IELTS band score you desire.

Most Important Tip : Don't memories the answers !

Of course, You may practice as many number question types as possible; however, answers should not be remembered, especially in Part 1. Memorized language does not provide an accurate assessment of your English language abilities to the examiner. If the examiner detects that you have memorized your answers, your final band score may be affected.

More tips to be considered, let our IELTS experts help you for IELTS preparation.

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