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How to Get Band 7 or Above. Essential Strategies for Maximizing Your IELTS Speaking

As it comes to IELTS speaking, many IELTS candidates may feel uneasy and lack speaking confidence due to their loss of self when speaking to others. How to overcome the phobia of public speaking?

At Stanford English Academy, we provide a range of opportunities for IELTS students to practise speaking. Our IELTS instructor provides numerous opportunities and a wide range of speaking topics. Group or individual speaking practise on assigned topics, as well as speaking evaluation and how to improve your IELTS speaking score. Furthermore, speaking hints, speaking material, speaking guidance, or even speaking model answers and topics can assist the student in performing and preparing successfully for the IELTS speaking test.

Prepare for your IELTS Speaking test and familiarise yourself with the structure of the IELTS test.

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