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How Much IELTS Band Score Can I Expect to Get in a Month of Training?

Many IELTS aspirants frequently ask, "How much will my IELTS band score improve if I attend an IELTS tutoring class?" How long do I need to undertake IELTS coaching and what band score can I realistically expect?

You may have also seen numerous advertisements claiming that IELTS band promise 8+ or 7+ on the first exam. Furthermore, some IELTS coaching classes may promise that you can achieve a high band in one month of training.

Many IELTS candidates expect to receive a desirable band score on their first attempt, maybe due to promotional influence. However, in actuality, there are a number of things that contribute to your first-time success. Many IELTS students, on the other hand, may be able to pass or get a band on their second attempt.

At Stanford English and Foreign Language Academy, we always encourage students to start the IELTS preparation course with a one-month minimum commitment; however, still many students require a two-month commitment too. One important factor to consider is the present band that the student is capable to achieve; after a month of training, the student is likely to receive a 1-1.5 band.

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