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Spoken English for Working Profession : Speak English professionally

4 Main Areas : Pronunciation, Accent neutralization, Formal vocabulary, Formal speaking or Group discussion,
Confidence Boost up / Communication skills and Grammars brush-up.
Study Modes : Offline & Online Courses.
Course Highlighted : Small batch size.
Special Features : Tailored-made Course suite to individual or organisation needs.
Admission is available throughout the year.

What you will learn

  • You will learn 'Part of Speech' which is required for English speaking practise.

  • Business writing - email, report, agenda, & notes. 

  • You'll learn how to deliver an excellent presentation or give a public speech.

  • Over 1000 essential English words, phrases, and idioms will be taught, along with how to use them in real-life situations.

  • You will take part in group discussions on various subjects that have been assigned to you.


  • You should be able to speak English more fluently after completing the course.

Spoken English For Working Profession


This course is designed to help you improve your Business English Speaking abilities in a business context by enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spoken communication skills.

The objective of this course is to increase a learner's confidence, especially in terms of speaking capabilities in a real-world context. We wish to enhance you with a variety of business vocabulary lists, speech & pronunciation of words and sounds through entertaining courses on a number of current business issues. We'll also show you how to construct a basic phrase using grammar (part of speech). Importantly, you will be able to confidently express yourself in large gatherings or in formal professional contexts.

Learners should improve in the following areas at the end of the course:

You will receive expertise in the following areas after finishing this course, which will help you work more successfully and open up new career opportunities.

Scope of learning 

  1. Delivery informative business presentations 

  2. Give persuasive business pitches

  3. Business writing - email, report, agenda, notes

  4. Personality development, business grooming

  5. Spoken English & Business English speaking

How do I know whether my speaking skills are improved?

Throughout the course, learner progress will be monitored by the following activities:

  • Monthly Activity

  • Monthly Test & Final test

  • Classroom Assignments

Locations Offered in Kharghar & Kalyan

Our Corporate English course, Business English course offer in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Our Corporate English course, Business English course offer in Kalyan West.

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